European Award for
Ecological Gardening 2017

From small to large, from the asphalt jungle to the zucchini oasis – gardens can hardly be surpassed in their wide diversity. Moreover, one can say in the true sense of the word that there are just as many approaches to this complex field. Whether gardens are opening their garden gates to tourist visitors, whether garden enthusiasts are sharing their knowledge in lively community gardens, or whether gardening is taking place completely without gardens…

Put your own project on the international stage – as part of the European Award for Ecological Gardening.

This year, the European Award for Ecological Gardening is tendered for the second time.

The campaign “Natur im Garten“, represented by the Federal Province of Lower Austria, the association “Natur im Garten“, as well as the “European Garden Association – Natur im Garten International“, will award this prize as a recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of ecological gardening.

The prize award ceremony will take place on 2 September 2017 within the framework of a three-day expert symposium (held from 1 – 3 September) in Berlin, accompanied by an excursion to the IGA Berlin 2017.

The European Award for Ecological Gardening 2017 is awarding prizes to high-quality projects and achievements, which are based on ecological gardening and which have already been implemented.

We are looking for projects which are innovative and sustainable, have a model character and are near-naturally designed, ecologically cultivated and can also include social and economic aspects.

The Award is addressed to gardeners, garden owners, planners, municipalities & local authorities, teams & individuals, as well as their organisations, such as educational institutions, networks and associations from all European nations.

An international Expert Jury chaired by Karl Ploberger, organic gardener and editor of the specialist journal Kraut&Rüben, will evaluate the submissions according to the following criteria:

respect for nature and biodiversity
optimisation of ecological processes and methods in garden management
the most optimal ecological care and plant selection in accordance with the respective location
implementation of innovative and sustainable ideas
raising public awareness for ecological gardening

Submissions can be made in the following three categories

1st Category: Gardening without a garden

All projects irrespective of size, accessibility and property situation of the areas cultivated can be submitted.
Projects that offer an alternative access to gardening, thus allowing to do gardening also in places where there are no “classic garden areas“ available, will be awarded.

2nd Category: Gardens for visitors

Garden projects that are accessible for visitors on a regular basis and stand out from the surrounding green spaces in terms of design and their capacity to organise events and stage performances can be submitted.
Gardens that reach those groups of people who are not primarily interested in gardens, or contain clear strategies for reaching these target groups and convey the ecological spirit will be awarded.
Great emphasis will be placed on the inclusion of the environment / the region.

3rd Category: Community gardens

Gardens that are cultivated by a group of persons who gather for the specific purpose of gardening and who would otherwise not have cooperated in that form can be submitted.
Garden projects that focus on community and social aspects with an exemplary character will be awarded. All work done within the framework of the community garden is voluntary.

Prize moneys
For each category, a prize will be awarded for the winning project: A special plaque of the campaign “Natur im Garten“, plus a prize money amounting to € 500,--

Announcement of nominations
All projects nominated for the prize will be announced on 13 July 2017, and all submitters nominated will be informed via e-mail.

Prize award ceremony
The awards will be conferred to the prize winners in a public prize award ceremony held on 02 September 2017 at the conference premises of IGA Berlin 2017.

The 30 projects nominated will be introduced and presented in an exhibition on 01 September 2017 at the conference premises of IGA Berlin 2017. During this exhibition, project submitters will have the opportunity to personally introduce their projects. Participants will be requested to personally attend the event. Participation in the price award ceremony is free of charge. We kindly ask you to register on time by 20 August 2017 at the latest at:


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