European Award for
Ecological Gardening 2019

All good things come in threes: This year, the European Award for Ecological Gardening will be allocated already for the third time.

Whether sunny or shaded places, huge or small but beautiful: Gardens are places of encounter with people and nature, with creativity, cultural diversity, as well as with very special spaces.
However, they are also places of regeneration, such as reflection and recreation. The fact that green spaces contribute to a better quality of life as well as human well-being, open their doors to tourists and serve the community is proven in many different ways. It is our purpose to provide an appropriate platform for this colourful coexistence of diverse approaches. Gardens, after all, also combine the most different perspectives.

Put your own project on the international stage – as part of the European Award for Ecological Gardening.

The campaign “Natur im Garten“, represented by the Federal Province of Lower Austria  as well as the “European Garden Association – Natur im Garten International“, will award this prize as a recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of ecological gardening.

An international Expert Jury will evaluate the submissions according to the following criteria:

  • respect for nature and biodiversity
  • optimisation of ecological processes and methods in garden management
  • the most optimal ecological care and plant selection in accordance with the respective location
  • implementation of innovative and sustainable ideas
  • raising public awareness for ecological gardening
  • social aspects with model character

Prize moneys
For each category, a prize will be awarded for the winning project.

Announcement of nominations
All projects nominated for the prize will be announced in July 2019, and all submitters nominated will be informed via e-mail.

Submissions can be made in the following three categories:

Category 1: Municipal green areas – ecologically designed and cultivated
  • The following projects can be submitted: green spaces and green areas as well as individual projects, which are assigned to municipalities/communities/cities/settlements, are predominantly intended for the general public and are predominantly owned by the municipality/community and cared for by green administrations or on behalf of the latter (such as parks, town squares, grass strips, roundabouts and kindergartens, as well as schools, nursing homes, settlement-free areas and many more).
  • The existence of a care concept for the sustainability of the project is of primary importance.
  • Awards will be given to ecologically valuable projects realised on public or semi-public green areas, which – irrespective of their size – can be used for or a variety of purposes and include the region or its environment.
Category 2: User-friendly green areas and garden projects in the field of gastronomy/the hotel industry & commercial areas
  • The following projects can be submitted: prominent green areas, garden projects and outdoor facilities in the field of gastronomy / the hotel industry / commercial areas for visitors and guests with regular accessibility, which distinguish themselves from the surrounding green spaces in terms of design (such as green spaces of companies, employees´ gardens, hotel facilities, thermal facilities, inner courtyards, rooftop gardens, terraces, vertical green spaces, etc.)
  • At the same time, the requirements and needs of the user groups are at the focus.
  • Awards will be given to gardens which let the ecological spirit further grow. They are expected to contain clear strategies for reaching the user groups.
Category 3: Urban Gardening – creative gardening in the city
  • Projects irrespective of their size can be submitted, with public accessibility not being a prerequisite for submission. The area cultivated does not necessarily have to be owned by the submitters of the project.
  • Priority will be given to ecological ideas as well as recycling.
  • Awards will be given to projects which are located inside settlement areas, irrespective of whether “classic garden areas and garden uses“ (such as rooftop gardens, inner courtyards, urban front gardens, etc.) are available or not. Great importance is attached to innovative and sustainable ideas, which are suitable for imitation.


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Awarding Authority

Awarding Authority European Award for Ecological Gardening 2019


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