European Award for Ecological Gardening 2019

European Award for
Ecological Gardening 2019

All good things come in threes: This year, the European Award for Ecological Gardening has been allocated already for the third time.

Whether sunny or shaded places, huge or small but beautiful: Gardens are places of encounter with people and nature, with creativity, cultural diversity, as well as with very special spaces.
However, they are also places of regeneration, such as reflection and recreation. The fact that green spaces contribute to a better quality of life as well as human well-being, open their doors to tourists and serve the community is proven in many different ways. It is our purpose to provide an appropriate platform for this colourful coexistence of diverse approaches. Gardens, after all, also combine the most different perspectives.

The campaign “Natur im Garten“, represented by the Federal Province of Lower Austria as well as the “European Garden Association – Natur im Garten International“, the "Natur im Garten" GmbH, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism, awardded this prize as a recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of ecological gardening.

The Award is aimed at gardeners, planners, municipalities & local authorities, educational institutions and associations from all European nations.

An international Expert Jury evaluated the submissions according to the following criteria:

  • respect for nature and biodiversity
  • optimisation of ecological processes and methods in garden management
  • the most optimal ecological care and plant selection in accordance with the respective location
  • implementation of innovative and sustainable ideas
  • raising public awareness for ecological gardening
  • social aspects with model character

A total of 68 submissions from ten countries have been made to the European Award for Ecological Gardening 2019 for the recognition of outstanding achievemens in the field of ecological gardening. The jury, consisting of Zuzana Ambrožová/CZ, Margit Beneš-Oeller/AT, Brigitte Goss /DE, Chris Raeburn/GB, Markus Zeiler/DE and Karl Ploberger/AT (Chairman of the Jury) did not find it easy to choose winning projects from the large number of submissions in the three categories.

All projects of the competition can simply be described as great, and we would like to once again say a big thank you to:

  • Everyone who has participated with his or her submission
  • Everyone who has shared our call and has promoted it
  • Everyone who has shared the thrills with us and has participated in the event in Krems!

We like to draw your attention already today to the European Award for Ecological Gardening 2021 – you can find more details on this event in good time on our website, which gives you an overview of our diversified green garden world already today.

And the Winning projects of the European Award for Ecological Gardening 2019 are…

Category 1: Municipal green areas – ecologically designed and cultivated

Winning project: Ing. Werner Sellinger / grünplan gmbh and municipality Tulln (AT, since 2015) Art- and Recreational Area Donaulände Tulln

With its lively hiking, running and cycling paths with 19.300 climate-friendly, locally adapted plant and design ideas, the bank of the Danube river has become a diversified, attractive free space.

detailled project description (pdf)


(c) Stadtgemeinde Tulln
Recognistion Award: Natural and Herb Village Irschen, Municipality of Irschen (AT, 1992 – 2019) Edible Herb Village Irschen

Looking back on a history of almost thirty years and located on an area of approx. 33 km² in the Alpine region, the Carinthian village project with a huge variety of plants shares its knowledge with everyone interested - in more than 300 gardens and in public sphere.

detailled project description (pdf)


(c) F. Gerdl, E. Mandler

Category 2: User-friendly green areas and garden projects in the field of gastronomy/the hotel industry & commercial areas

Winning project : Daniel Baur / BRYUM GmbH (CH, 2017) PEAK, Zentraler Park für den Campus Hoffmann La-Roche, Kaiseraugst (PEAK, the Central Park for the Hoffmann La-Roche Campus, Kaiseraugst)

PEAK, the representative central park complex of Hoffmann-La Roche AG, offers diverse areas of utilization and regeneration for humans, animals and plants alike as a habitat of unpredictable disturbances.

detailled project description (pdf)


(c) BRYUM GmbH; Beat Ernst
Recognition Award: Jan Nussbauer / Gärtnerei Herba Grata (CZ, 2014-2015) CZ Company garden of dm drogerie markt, České Budějovice CZ

Today, the small 750 m² company garden of the České Budějovice headquarters of dm is located on the former asphalt parking space, uniting the great diversity of garden elements for animals and humans alike.

detailled project description (pdf)


(c) dm drogerie markt s.r.o.
Recognition Award: Erwin Rückerl / Hofgut Hafnerleiten (Hafnerleiten Farm) (DE, since 2004) HOFGUT HAFNERLEITEN (HAFNERLEITEN FARM)

On this sustainable farm, great emphasis was placed on an environmentally friendly construction method. A lot of space is granted to nature to develop freely, with care measures being reduced to a minimum.

detailled project description (pdf)


(c) Standl Günter

Category 3: Urban Gardening – creative gardening in the city

Winning project: Gideon Corby (UK, since 2013) Regent's Canal Living Waterway

The canal in London was transformed with guerilla garden work in the beginning from a sewer into a blule-green corridor for wild animals with a functioning river ecology, open spaces and local plants.

detailled project description (pdf)


(c) Nina Hundt, Sophie Connor, Esther Adelman, Gideon Corby
Recognition Award: Barbara Hermanowski / Honorary citizens' initiative (DE, 2015) Münden is blossoming and humming

The purpose of even the smallest officially recognised flowering spots is not only to enthuse residents but also to be of value for insects. They are cared for by interested house owners.

detailled project description (pdf)


(c) Pia Dehnhardt, Barbara Hermanowski


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