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European Award for Ecological Gardening

Deputy Governor Sobotka: “A huge success: two Austrian projects have taken two of the top three places!”

Out from a total of 58 submitted projects, the project “Spiegelmayr Haus“ of Monika Strasser from Upper Austria convinced the Expert Jury during the “European Award for Ecological Gardening“ of the campaign “Natur im Garten”. In the award ceremony, the association “Spiegelmayr Haus“ received the award from the initiator of the campaign “Natur im Garten“ and Deputy Governor of Lower Austria, Wolfgang Sobotka.




1. Place: Strasser Monika (A, 2000)

Spiegelmayr House – Foods for Co-Thinkers, Lateral Thinkers and Further Thinkers
The Upper Austrian initiative combines the production of organic foods and the cultivation of old cultivars in Dietach near Wels with a new culture of eating, thereby forming a network between consumers, producers and nature.


2. Place: Planners´ Group Oberhausen (GER, 2005)

Zollverein Park
Located on a former industrial site in the Ruhr Area, an extensively cultivated park has been created, serving now as a refuge for plants, humans and the landscape.


3. Place: Market Town Kirchberg am Wagram (A, 2007)

Kirchberg am Wagram - the first edible municipality of Lower Austria
A concept aiming at the integration of vegetable, fruit and other agricultural plants into the public space as well as school gardens.


Recognition-Award: Association Noah´s Ark (A, 1995)

Save the seeds - Ecological maintenance of rare cultivated plants in the ARCHE NOAH Show Garden
Initiative for the maintenace of the cultivated plant diversity with own show gardens, handbook of varietes and education programme in Schiltern.


Recognition-Award:Raeburn Christopher (GB, 1984)

The Phoenix Garden
A community garden located in a heavily congested area of London, offering people, the flora and the fauna access to nature and the garden.


v.l.n.r.: Mag. Wolfgang Sobotka (Landeshauptmann-Stellvertreter und Initiator der Aktion „Natur im Garten“), Marion Schwarz (Arche Noah), Christa Ringkamp (Präsidentin European Garden Association – „Natur im Garten“ International), Beate Koller (Arche Noah), Michael Ryley (Phoenix Garden), Christopher Raeburns (Phoenix Garden), Erika Bauer (Spiegelmayr Haus), Hubert Fiegl (Gemeinde Kirchberg ehem. Vizebürgermeister), Mag. Monika Strasser (Spiegelmayr Haus), Sascha Wienecke (Zollverein Park), Gerlinde Humpelstetter (Gemeinde Kirchberg Kindergarten), Thomas Dietrich (Zollverein Park), Erwin Mantler (Gemeinde Kirchberg Vizebürgermeister), Mag. (FH) Siegfried Tatschl (Gemeinde Kirchberg Landschaftsplaner), Herbert Eder (Gemeinde Kirchberg Gemeindesekretär), Gabriele Hackl (Gemeinde Kirchberg Leiterin des Kindergartens), Nadine Fiegl (Gemeinde Kirchberg Landschaftsplanerin), Ing. Wolfgang Benedikt (Gemeinde Kirchberg Bürgermeister), Franz Aigner (Gemeinde Kirchberg GGR) (c) NLK Reinberger